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Product Warranty

Product Warranty

We are designers of all the Products sold on Most our products come with at least 1-2 Year of Limited warranty, and 3-5 Years for Premium Instruments. 

Warranty Coverage

Limited product warranty does not cover the claim of damage by over-stressing the instrument or putting it under oxidation or acids for a longer time. Please refer to our Product Guide for proper use and care of the instrument. 

Warranty Claim

Please contact our support team for a claim within the warranty timeline, along with the receipt, order number of purchase history of the exact owner of the product. If you buy a product and sell it, it voids the warranty, unless authorized by us.

Warrant for Kits/Sets

If an item within a Kit goes bad, we will only replace that item. Warranty for the rest of the kit remains intact.

Note: Orders in bulk or lot, have different sets of warranty. Which will be dealt separately with our client.

For further questions, please contact our Support Team.  

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