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Posterior Rubber Dam Remover

Posterior Band Remover

What is Posterior Band Remover “Pliers”, and what is the use in Dentistry?

Cheek Retractor With Suction Tube

Cheek & Tongue Retractor with Suction Tube

It is a norm in Practice or Dental Surgery to hold Suction tube and the Cheek Retractor together by the practitioner. After consulting with vast majority of Dentist, DentiCura has come up with an easy solution for professionals to hold Cheek & Tongue Retractor having Built-in tube for comfort. R&D Team at DentiCura has designed […]

Distal End Cutter | DentiCura

Distal End Cutter

What is a Distal End Cutter, and how to Cut Arch Wire? In Orthodontics specialty of dentistry that deals with the correction of misaligned teeth by using a special kind of stainless steel wire called Arch Wire.

Howe Pliers for Surgery

Metals used for Medical Instruments

History There is no doubt that metals have been playing a significant role in our life since thousands of years. Native Metals like Gold, Silver and Copper are known to have been around 5000 BC alongside with the iron that was found to have been used by Mesopotamia and Egypt around 3000 – 5000 BC. […]

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