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Howe Pliers for Surgery

Metals used for Medical Instruments


There is no doubt that metals have been playing a significant role in our life since thousands of years. Native Metals like Gold, Silver and Copper are known to have been around 5000 BC alongside with the iron that was found to have been used by Mesopotamia and Egypt around 3000 – 5000 BC.

While the development of iron, steel is also tracked back to 4000 BC, but not in a strongest form, until in 1856 when Henry Bessemer discovered a way by using oxygen to reduce the Carbon content in iron, that made the steel we have today, but with same oxidation problems life iron.

In 1913, Harry Brearley discovered rust free steel , which he added had 12.8% Chromium into Molten iron and called it True Stainless Steel.

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