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Cheek Retractor With Suction Tube

Cheek & Tongue Retractor with Suction Tube

It is a norm in Practice or Dental Surgery to hold Suction tube and the Cheek Retractor together by the practitioner. After consulting with vast majority of Dentist, DentiCura has come up with an easy solution for professionals to hold Cheek & Tongue Retractor having Built-in tube for comfort.

Cheeck and Toungue Retractor

R&D Team at DentiCura has designed the Prototype using 304L and 410 Stainless Steel with Superb Corrosion Resistant Properties for 304L with higher in price than its 410 variant with 13.5% Chromium, which is designed for students in Lab work to last its best with Steam type Autoclave Sterilization Procedure.

For now, our prototype is only available to our customers on demand with backorders. Please contact us directly for questions and order placement.

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